Happy Hands Sign Language Club was set up by a group of Friends in 2018 after they had completed an introductory course to British Sign Language – when the course was complete, they wanted to continue practicing their skills in a friendly, relaxed environment and Happy Hands was born!

We are a fully inclusive, friendly group for anyone who wants to learn the basics, practice or perfect their British Sign Language SkillsBritish Sign Language is just like any other spoken language and once learnt, is best practiced regularly. This group is for beginners to experts, we’ll never turn anyone away and although most of our members are hearing members, we are keen to welcome people from the D/deaf community.

We also have the ‘Happy Hands Choir’ a fun way to learn sign language that shows everyone just what an art form BSL can be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when does Happy Hands Meet?
We meet every Thursday at The Spark Centre, Spring Hill Primary School,  Moss bank Avenue Burntwood, Staffs, WS7 4UN between 7:00pm – 8:30pm.  You can find a map with directions on our Contact page.

Does it cost to join Happy Hands?
It costs just £1 per person, per week to join Happy Hands. The fee covers a refreshment contribution to The Spark Centre and will be taken at the beginning of each session.

Will I gain a qualification?
No, it’s important to point out that Happy Hands does not provide qualifications in British Sign Language but can help support you in practice. We bring people together socially to learn a new skill, but we can advise you on courses that will get you a qualification in British Sign Language.

I can’t make it every week, does that matter?
No, but we do ask that members try and attend at least once a month. If you are a member and can’t make it for a long period of time, we ask that you let us know and then let us know the week you are returning. You will be classed as an inactive member when you miss four consecutive weeks and removed from the register, until you wish to return.

How do I enrol with Happy Hands?
Enrolling is easy, please click here to be taken to our enrolment page.

Our Code of Conduct

We want to make Happy Hands a great, friendly, supportive community. Our members follow this code of conduct as set out by our Members:

Share Ideas – we encourage our members to share ideas for an activity or song to practice within our sessions.

Don’t be scared to ask questions – this is a supportive, respectful environment, if we don’t have the answer to your query, we can find out for you.

Where possible we abide by deaf culture – and have a ‘voices off policy’ for a period during sessions. If this is a problem, please let us know.

Please have mobile phones on silent – If you need to a take a call please do so outside of the community room. Use of the Sign BSL app is permitted on devices.

Chewing Gum Free zone – British Sign Language relies on lip reading and facial expressions. We ask that members avoid chewing gum to help make yourself understood.

Practice, Practice, Practice – We encourage people to sign outside of sessions with a friend partner or other family member whenever they can.